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More than 6 years of experience in startups commercialization

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About us

Who we are and what we do

Itok Afarinan Fanavari, a knowledge-based company has been working as an accelerator in the fields of water, wastewater and environmental industries for more than 6 years.
An accelerator is a company which helps to develop other businesses , legal persons and helps them to develop their market after commercialization .

Identifying the need of water, wastewater and environmental industries by analyzing data

Commercialization of novel ideas for correct growth

Market development and marketing for new startups after commercialization


Services we offer

Itok was established with the aim of reducing weaknesses of water and environmental industries

Market development

Itok has acted in the line with making a relation between domestic producers, innovators and industry owners and has created a competitive environment for them

Brokerage of water, climate and environment headquarter of Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and knowledge- based economy and Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council

One of the successful models of technology commercialization is the cooperation between theses industries and technologists as well as improving their performances by brokerages of this Vice Presidency

Innovative solutions

Solutions for challenges


Itok uses modern technologies and investment in its creative projects

Our Colleagues

Tamin Ab Kavir Hamoon Co.

1- EDR & RO combined technology
2- Manufacturing emergency water supply package
3- Manufacturing RO devices

Vira Nasht Abgoon Co.

1- Increasing productivity and reducing non-revenue water
2- Leakage detection by smart ball

Nano Bubble Energy Co.

1- Nano ozone system for removing unpleasant odors and taste from drinking water
2- Nano air system for aeration of wastewater treatment plants in order to develop and promote

Hamoon Nayze Co.

1- Manufacturer of ductile iron pipes and earthquake resistant pipes
2- Manufacturer of ductile iron pole and ductile iron lighting poles

Nika Andish Iranian Mana Co.

1- Manufacturing and designing ZLD systems for industrial wastewater treatment
2- Recycling desalination system and treatment of wastewater and pharmaceutical leachates

Zist Saze Lotus Co.

Designing and implementing water and wastewater systems especially industrial wastewater

Aron Ab Co.

Implementation of water and wastewater transmission lines, water and wastewater treatment plants, water pumps stations, concrete tanks and other projects related to water industry

Cembrain Co.

Drinking water physical treatment, industrial wastes, reverse osmosis, reducing BOD and COD of greywater

Ab Andish Co.

These consulting engineers work in construction and development projects by designing, water and wastewater projects supervising, environment and irrigation and drainage with more than 30 years of experience

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Latest Works
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31 May 2024
Solving the complete problem of textile and dyeing wastewater treatment

Treatment of the sewage of textile and dyeing industries is very important due to the large amount of chemical and organic pollutants and salt in ...

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